Greetings from the representative

Management philosophy
"The fun of learning for children, new life for seniors"

My name is Tomoyuki Inoue, the managing director. Thank you very much for considering our FC membership.

Founded in Manacar 1996. Customers from a wide range of ages from 4 years old up to 80s. The business style is "PC class" and "Learning class for children", but I have managed to think that the most important thing is to see "a smile that is ahead of learning". I have repeatedly told employees that "I am not a PC class. It is a class that meets the hearts of customers." Thanks to that, even though many PC classrooms are closing the store, it can be operated unchanged for 24 years. Entering this year, there was also a classroom that records the highest number of students in Manacal history. Teaching "technology" is limited, but "filling the mind" is not only limited, but it will lead you to go as long as you meet. There are many customers who have been through Manacal for more than 10 years as evidence.

Also, in recent years, we have launched a "learning lesson for children" called Manakal kids. The reason why I did not express it as "Learning class" is because I have the pride that I am teaching at the opposite end of the learning group. Instead of "introducing" as in the past, it is the Manakal kids that "draw out the ability" of children. In order to survive society, we started nationwide development last summer as a classroom that trains “the ability to think with one's own head (logical thinking ability)” and “the ability to communicate”. I got a contract of 23 stores in half a year. Furthermore, as if to support our business, the country is also aiming to break out of deviation value education, such as the abolition of center exams by the education reform in 2020. Furthermore, as a new education guide, we are introducing programming education, strengthening logical thinking skills, and improving communication skills. As such, the curriculum of the Manakal kids is now drawing great attention from various fields. What Manakal aims for is the training of “root-strong children” and “human-power children”. Finally, please see the introductory video of Manakal kids.

like what
Is it an FC chain?

Manakal offers two services: Manakal PC, a computer room for adults, and Manakal kids, a lesson for children. We will explain the reason why these two combinations are in this page and brochure. In addition, there are many people who think that it is a type of industry that requires specialized knowledge. Manakal offers a package that anyone can start with a week's training.

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Manacal is chosen
With 5 secrets

Opened with low risk, even inexperienced

The initial investment is only about one-third of the regular tutoring, and the risk is low because the business has no inventory. If the store is 10 to 20 tsubo, the rent will be reduced because the school can be opened and the hurdle of the breakeven point will be low.

Responding to the 2020 Education Reform

In Manakal kids, we are quickly raising children's "human power (thinking power, commuting power, training power, compassion)" and so on. This is consistent with the course of study from 2020. Sideways of the turmoil of learning learning, Manakal continues to thrive, and the number of classrooms has increased by 23 in half a year.

Higher education costs for children

Does it really increase in the age of declining birthrate? Some people may have thought that. According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's “Specific Service Industry Dynamics Statistics Survey,” the learning 塾 market in 2018 is ¥ 444.6 billion. 2014: 404.5 billion yen. It was 374.7 billion yen in 2010. We can see that this industry is still developing and expanding.

Increasing elderly population

As we all know, the elderly population is ever increasing. The main customer base of Manacal PC is the elderly. There are many people who are passed through as one of the blur prevention and hobbies. Once you feel good, it is also a feature that you can often pass for a long time.

Spend a lifetime on social justice

We will solve the problems of bullying, school refusal, withdrawal and suicide that can be said to be problems of Japan through our business! These problems are not limited to young people. The same goes for the elderly. Manakal is a rewarding work to benefit people for the world.

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Average classroom sales are in surplus
What is the reason for profit?

Class opening time
Double learning

Regular study groups can only conduct business from the evening. However, Manakal can be fully open from morning to night as adult students are also taken. It leads to profit because it can be open for double hours with the same rent.

Target three generations
Synergy effect

The housewife has a child and the senior has a grandson. The reverse is also true. In other words, the efficiency of attracting customers is greatly improved. Furthermore, it is easy for adults and children to earn new ones. Children are from spring to summer. Adults are in season from autumn to spring.

Such as video training
Full support

Dozens of commentary videos such as new correspondence, attracting customers, classes, and classroom management are available. In addition, it is possible to easily arrange advertisements and notices necessary for attracting customers. As there is regular check from headquarters staff, it is safe.

One push of the employee
Manacal's strength!

"The training before OPEN is not inferior to any FC chain store!"

My name is Hiroaki Mochizuki. Ten years have passed since I joined the company. Currently, we are creating employee training and advertising materials such as flyers and websites, and supporting FC owners.

What I would like to convey to you this time is about the initial training before the opening of the school! Most FC owners are new to education. However, after receiving our five-day training, you will learn how to act and think like a veteran instructor! The training starts with "philosophical sharing". We will link the thoughts of Manakal and your thoughts and make them stronger. After that, it is "the methodology to be liked by people" to do. No matter how much knowledge you have, if you are hated by human beings, it will be difficult for you to have a full classroom. So, I will correct the habit and attitude when I speak, and practice how to listen and talk. Up to here is the foundation, and finally we will get into the contents about work such as how to proceed with the class of PC class and how to teach children. It is quite natural to train the services we provide, but it is a feature of our training that we thoroughly carry out "methodologically favored" and double the human attraction of the owner! Behind that is the feeling that our staff sincerely hopes for your success. Owners should have a strong desire for independence. In order to make the thought a reality through manacal, employees will do the training of the owner like all over the whole body!

(It is the scene of the meal at the training that we went the other day)

FC owner's
The flow of the day

Let's check the schedule of the day

  • Going to work


    Good morning!
    I will go to work well today!

  • Class preparation

    9:30 to 9:50

    Beautiful appearance and classrooms are basic
    Perform indoor and outdoor cleaning!

  • Morning PC class

    10:00 to 12:00

    Senior customers in the morning
    Many will come to school!

  • Lunch break


    Enjoy your lunch slowly!

  • Afternoon PC class

    13:00 to 15:00

    In the afternoon class housewives are main
    Support qualification acquisition for re-employment!

  • break

    15: 00-16: 00

    Have a break before the children come!

  • kids class

    16: 00-19: 00

    Programming and communication
    Tell with enthusiasm!

  • After cleaning up, coming home

    19: 00-19: 30

    I will clean up and leave the company!

  • good job
    I did it

※ One of the merits is the ability to adjust the balance between the PC classroom and the opening hours of kids depending on the number of students

※ It is also possible to extend the opening time by setting 19:00 to 21:00 as a dedicated time for middle and high school students and business people

Senior owner

Muramatsu owner

I have one year of elementary school and four years of elementary school. In this fast-changing society, I could not imagine at all what kind of power should be extended to make children live happily in the future. At that time, I learned about the existence of Manacal Kids. You can live happily in the future if you bring up the human power of children with this method! The future of the children was shocked by the bright light. I decided to open the school based on a sense that I can not think that only I can do the computer teaching, get the cooperation of an understanding family, comprehensively, and spread this method. .

Nishimura owner

As an owner, about two years passed, in October 2018, we opened the second FC store, Okazaki Station West School. Thanks to Okazaki Ika School, the first store, the number of students exceeds 100, and it's almost always packed thanks. Sales are also stable and can be well over 1 million yen. The cost required to maintain the classroom is around 500,000 yen, so the profit rate is also very high. Also, I can not operate two stores by myself. In the future, the number of employees will increase rapidly. I work hard every day to be a model for everyone, so that I can spread the philosophy of Manacar with my friends! !

Tokumasu owner

I think it is a business that can feel a lot of rewarding. I am particularly moved when I feel the growth of my students, regardless of age. I am impressed every time I see something that I could not do at first, or the moment I overcame a field that I was not good at while repeating the repetition practice, I saw an expression filled with a sense of accomplishment. Many words of gratitude are also given, and I feel that it was good to do manacal every time and to work hard. No matter how tired I am, I feel that I like the students making time and coming to the classroom, and I like myself acting for the students, and I feel worthwhile. We are now preparing to open the 2nd and 3rd schools in order to expand the rewards.

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